Cost : USD 3215/ Hour

Stage Name : X.Wolf

Link to Videos : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBkECTylEUBtM4wt31T0tBw/videos

Link to mixes : https://open.spotify.com/artist/4o3NAG97EmGDnlrCNMujV9?si=s2knZvODSQmupbrtS3mPGQ

About : Foreign artists should be booked minimum 1 month in advance. X.Wolf is 25 years old, based in Paris, France. Singer / rapper / songwritter he is a full artist with multiple influences from hip hop, trap, R&B to pop rock music. His sound is most likely as the newschool style, a mix of trap music and R&B soul, depending on the vibe of the song. After a long moment on his own, his career took a turning in 2016 when he has met the producer and the founder of FZR Music, Dj Simple Jee. Then, they have been in studio for several months, recording song after song to define his universe and style. In september 2017, he has released his first single off “Love You”, produced by FZR Music, on streaming platforms. This first single has been in rotation in several local radios in the US and through worldwide. Since then, X.Wolf has released 12 singles off with his label FZR Music (all available on every streaming platforms) and dropped 4 music videos on YouTube (“All My Love”, “Work”, “FAITH” and “Saint Jude”) with the collaboration of multiple directors (Bony from KMF Production, Michel Tran and Recfilm709). To keep their fans close and engaged they have decided to drop every month a new song, so they can often enjoy new music. He is also an artsit with a scene experience, he has performed many times in open mics, show cases and festivals, mostly in Paris, his hometown. Since the first single off , X.Wolf gained in maturity and skills. He has now the potential to take his music to another level and bring it to a worldwide scale.

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