Cost : USD 3400/ Hour

Stage Name : SpaceInspirer

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About : Foreign artists should be booked minimum 1 month in advance. Aleks Veksler (aka SpaceInspirer) – violinist-novator on the world stage! The owner of an exclusive laser-light violins “Avrora Ice” own development and ultra-luminous violin “FORTUNA” as well as the world’s only magic bow with 3000 rhinestones Swarovski, laser-led bow and a cosmic pixel ultra-bow! Since 2013 show performances are performed in “Fortuna” – unique 5-string electric violin, which was produced in the US for 7 years! And was personally modified by maestro. The most technically-equipped electric violin today. In addition to ultra-flexible sound control, it is widely applied lighting technologies – ultra-bright RGB LEDs with exclusive chains of glow, cold neon and RGB lasers with splitters by patented technology A.Weksler, as well as “cold firework” is a powerful fountain of sparks from a violin. Exciting, virtuosic, extravagant performances in luminous stage costumes, including violin pirouettes and interactivity with the audience! Performed music for any audience – from classics in the author’s arrangement to incendiary remixes of popular hits! Performances are held in concert halls of Moscow, Russia, Europe and North Africa. Our violin shows Is suitable for festive events: the Day of the city, Presentations, Exhibitions, Corporate parties, Receptions, Anniversaries, Weddings, Graduations. The superb showman and live music entertainer has a vast repertoire of over 20 hours of music raging from Vivalvi and Mozart to Daft Punk and David Guetta and covers multiple genres of music. The laser violinist is able to offer everything from background music, a welcome act to full-blown stage shows and night club improvised performances. Equipped with self-created wireless technology enables the LED and laser violin player to roam freely amongst the crowd and even include audience participation. From private parties, nightclubs and special occasions to Presidential administrations, brand launches and corporate events, this extremely versatile LED and laser violin player has done it all and wowed audiences all over the world as he has done so.

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